Celebrate Women In Wine | Amélie Martin From Château d'Argan

Celebrate Women In Wine | Amélie Martin From Château d'Argan

Daughter of a winegrower and oenologist since 2009, Amélie first worked as an Operations Manager in the Saint Emilion appellation before joining an international group specialized in the production of Bordeaux wines.

Based in Chateau d'Argan 60-hectare vineyard in Médoc as a Technical Manager for 4 years, she oversaw the wine making process for Chateau D'Argan, Medoc Cru Bourgeois 2015: from harvesting to the bottling of the wine.

She is passionate about the art of tasting, and Amélie now teaches some wine courses in Bordeaux and shares her knowledge and passion for the world of wine in which she grew up and flourishes today.

Chateau D'Argan - Medoc Cru Bourgeois, Bordeaux, France Intense purple color with bright reflections. On the 1st expressive nose marked by notes of fresh fruit (strawberry), 2nd nose marked by vanilla notes on a background of roasted hazelnuts. Nice attack on the fruit, balanced round and ample mouth accompanied by a frame of fine and melted tannins, with beautiful aromatic length on the fresh fruit. (The best temperature to serve this wine is at 16 ℃.)

Did you know? The Cru Bourgeois classification lists some of the châteaux from the Médoc that were not included in the 1855 Classification of Crus Classés (or Classed Growths). Cru Bourgeois is a level below Cru Classé but still of high quality, and many wine experts say there is some overlap quality between Crus Classés and the Cru Bourgeois. For wine lovers seeking Bordeaux wine, that delivers style, character and quality, the Crus Bourgeois wines offer an affordable alternative.