Celebrate Women in Wine | Barbara Tamburini from Grignano Chianti Rufina

Celebrate Women in Wine | Barbara Tamburini from Grignano Chianti Rufina

Barbara Tamburini is a modest, unassuming, and extremely talented, consultant winemaker in Italy, who has been making wine since 1996. She makes wine for around 15 estates, ranging in size from 5 hectares to 60 hectares, mainly across Tuscany and Umbria, and she cites her car as her first home during the busy season, as she travels almost non-stop between clients!

Best Winemaker Award 2020

On 3 February 2020, Barbara Tamburini was given the Oscar of Wine as Best Winemaker in Italy, "Giacomo Tachis Prize 2019", by Bibenda and the Italian Sommelier Foundation.

This is an important award to testify the professionalism and commitment of the winemaker Barbara Tamburini. For over twenty years, she took part of the success of the Italian wine.

Always attentive to the results of research in Viticulture and Oenology and ready to implement the innovations that arise, Barbara Tamburini realises through her philosophy a balanced combination of tradition and modernity.

Wine producers who have engaged the collaboration of Barbara Tamburini declare above all their appreciation of her sensitivity to interpret the potential of their vines in an expression of the link with the terrain in which they grow.

Given her increasing notoriety, Tamburini has the advantage of being in regular contact with a wide network of leading experts both in Italy and, increasingly, abroad who have specific experience in the distribution and marketing of Italian wines in the world. As a result, the wine sector press comes increasingly to her for news, her views and for information considered to be of value and importance.

Discover Grignano - Chianti Rufina - Tuscany, Italy

A piece of history in a bottle: in the XV century the farm of Grignano belonged to the Medici family! Chianti Rufina is a historic wine producing area, located to the north-east of the city of Florence in Tuscany. It is the smallest of the seven Chianti sub-regions with only 22 growers.

The elements contributing to the character of Rufina include: the soil (limestone, marl and alberese), the sun exposure of the slopes on south which permits grapes to reach optimal ripeness, and the microclimate with high daytime temperatures and cool nights in the summer months, which contributes to the maintenance of aromatic notes and the development of strong acidity.

About the wine: bright ruby red, characterised by fruity and floral notes, the delicate contribution of wood, great structure and elegance. Generous amount of tannins that have softened over time. The wine is certified Organic.
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