8 Wine Pairings this Lunar New Year 2022

8 Wine Pairings this Lunar New Year 2022

Thinking of ways to turn Lunar New Year up a notch and impress your loved ones? 

In this exclusive bite-sized guide, we are going to show you wines that pair well with 8 popular CNY dishes, from Steamboat to Lohei! Guaranteed 5-pax friendly~

Dish: Yu Sheng
Wine: Champagne Ernest Rapeneau - Champagne Extra Brut - Tiger Limited Edition - France, $68 (UP $80)

Celebrate the ushering into the year of the Tiger with this special Tiger edition, with refreshing bubbles which work as a perfect pairing for your fresh Lo Hei! 

Dish: Steamboat
Wine: Valdo "Oro Puro" Rosé - Prosecco DOC Brut Millesimato - Veneto, Italy,$29 (UP $35)

Wine: Deakin Estate - Viognier - Victoria - Australia, $24.90 (UP $32)

A great way to share hot pot is with a festive Prosecco Rose, perfect for ingredients like meatballs, sliced beef, and other delicate meals alike. Not a fan of sparkling? Try our Viognier, known for being rich, fruity, and round to pair with more seafood or veggie-based hotpots!

Dish: Bak Kwa
Wine: Calabria "3 Bridges" - Shiraz - Barossa Valley - Australia, $34.90 (UP $46)

Wine: Cuesta del Madero Malbec Reserva - Mendoza - Argentina, $26.90 (UP $32)

Pair a CNY snack favourite, Bak Kwa, with a rich, bold Barossa Shiraz with notes of ripe fruit, spice, and hints of smokiness. Want something a bit lighter? Try out our Malbec Reserva with its notes of cherries and spice.

Dish: Roasted Suckling Pig
Wine: Domaine De La Présidente - Châteauneuf-Du-Pape - Rhone Valley - France, $69 (UP $82)

As fragrant and rich meat, suckling pig ideally goes with a wine that has balanced tannins to counter the fattiness, a bit of fruitiness, and is just as rich! Give our Châteauneuf-Du-Pape a try this CNY.

Dish: Pineapple Tarts
Wine: Matayac - Jurançon Doux - Petit Manseng - South West - France, $29 (UP $36)

Generous, buttery, and tangy Pineapple tarts deserve a wine in the same league! Have a go with our honeyed Jurancon, with notes of exotic fruits and balanced sweetness to match the tanginess.

Dish: Steamed Fish
Wine: Mesa Primo Bianco - Vermentino - Sardegna DOC - Sardinia - Italy, $29.90 (UP $38)

Sharing a whole fish is a CNY staple, symbolizing health and prosperity. Try pairing steamed white fish with a delicate & floral Vermentino from the South of Italy.  

Dish: Peking Duck 
Wine: Dominio Laidi "Old Vines" - Garnacha - Cariñena DOC - Spain, $26.90 (UP $36)

Juicy, crispy Peking duck is a popular dish that goes well with light to medium-bodied wines with little tannin, just like our Old Vine Garnacha from Spain! Expect fruitiness, a hint of spice, complexity, and a round palate that will not overpower the meat!

Dish: Spicy Shrimp Rolls
Wine: Sant'Orsola - Lambrusco Dell'Emilia Rosso - Emilia Romagna - Italy, $16.90 (UP $24)

 Crunchy and oh-so addictive, we recommend pairing spicy shrimp rolls with off-dry wines to balance out the saltiness of the shrimp paste and the spiciness of the Hae Bee Hiam! Have a go at our off-dry red Lambrusco for a unique pairing!


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On behalf of the team at Wine Connection, we wish you a very Happy Lunar New Year!