New Dishes Just Dropped In All Bistros

New Dishes Just Dropped In All Bistros

Dropping New Dishes in All Bistros! 
Time to excite your taste buds tis' season!

1. Smoked Duck Salad
Thinly-sliced French smoked duck breast, cherry tomatoes, persillade potatoes and croutons on mesclun salad in a French dressing.

2.  Healthy Bowl
Roasted pumpkins, edamame, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, caramelised onions, brown rice and mesclun salad in an apple cider dressing.

3. Beef Tataki
Lightly seared and marinated thin slices of Black Angus Beef (Grain Fed 150 Days) with shaved parmesan, rocket salad, garlic and anchovies mayonnaise

4. Tuna Risoni
Pan seared fresh Tuna chunks on a bed of Risoni, a rice-shaped pasta cooked risotto-style, with parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce. Topped with even more shaved parmesan cheese.

5. Tuna Tartare
Sashimi-grade Tuna with a teriyaki and ginger dressing on diced avocados, cucumber, and zucchini base with wasabi mayonnaise. Served with mesclun salad and crispy bread.

6. Half Baby Chicken
Succulent half baby chicken from served with persillade potatoes, French beans and grilled pumpkin. Choice of sauce.

7. Pan Seared Sea Bass
Pan seared fresh sea bass served with French beans, zucchini, edamame and cherry tomatoes in homemade pesto sauce.


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